Communication & PRlike never before
ONE smart AI
01 / Influencer newsroom

Get a professional newsroom on your site connected to the Bylineme eco system, supporting true 2-way communication, and start building your followers list.

Invite followers, follow/unfollow, chat live and send messages to anyone within Bylineme.

02 / Creative studio

Upload or create your own ads using our intuitive and easy to use creative studio to boost your content marketing online with native, display and video ads.

For your convenience all materials are exportable although you'll attain lowest possible CPA using our unified cross-channel AI distribution engine, Adline.

03 / Adline AI distribution

Our self-learning programmatic distribution engine will A/B test your messages and provide lowest possible cross-channel CPA while displaying your ads online, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

To democratize our technology, all budgets are accepted without any minimum requirements.

04 / Press releases

Invite journalists, bloggers, publishers and other Influencers which you are in contact with today.

Let us add to your contact list by inviting selected relevant journalists, influencers and publishers from our 1,5 million global database.

05 / Real-time feedback

Measure the impact of all your communication in real-time.

See which press releases, ads and content marketing material that performs best in real-time across channels, including social.

06 / Lead generation

Regardless where your focus lies within the marketing funnel TOFU, MOFU or BOFU.

You'll find that Bylineme works at all stages, from awareness and consideration to conversions.

About us
07 / Our background

Bylineme started out as a platform enabling Influencers in terms of Journalists, Freelancers and other article and Content Producers to sell and resell their fresh material to medias covering different locations of the planet.

By extending our Influencer Newsroom to include brands we have been able to create a new ecosystem where brands can communicate directly with influencers and vice versa.

And by injecting the Newsroom with our easy to use Creative Studio and smart AI programmatic distribution brands can now target their audiences online with lowest CPA.

08 / Our dedication

We have a broad professional experience within Journalism, Marketing and Sales so we understand the complexity of these environments and invest all our knowledge to simplify work within.

That is our dedication.

09 / Culture & values

We are utterly curios and inspired by big challenges to provide marketers with smarter tools to reach challenging goals.

Key Ingredients
Our belief
Our talent
Collaborative & Driven
Our Clients
Progressive & Ambitious
Get in touch
Jo Hansael
Phone: +47 93 22 88 81
Johan Cohen
Phone: +46 (0) 73 708 08 04
Neza Rangus
Phone: +386 31 483 575
Helena Dokken
Phone: +47 96 22 60 95
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