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Content Marketing: The two key success factors

According Joe Pulizzi there are two factors for success:

  1. Content Marketing can not be about you
  2. One must continuously deliver

Joel Spolsky - founder of organizing service Trello and numerous other successful companies - had a very popular blog called Joel on Software. Blog he helped to start and develop his business, and in an article he mentioned one of the main keys to success - and you should read the comment twice !:

"For sure it really should work, then you need a blog to be about something bigger than business or product. It sounds cheesy, but it is not. It requires proper discipline to not talk about themselves and their business. Blogging as a medium seems very personal, and often it is. But when you use a blog to promote a business, then you are not the blog be about you. It must be about your readers, who also would / could be your customers. It must be about making readers amazing. "

According to Joe Pulizzi fail most content marketing program because they do not follow Joel's advice. Many brands think that content marketing is just about a clever use of text, video and other channels to attract potential customers.

It must be about something more than that. It must act to solve your customers' problems. It must be about to teach them to be excellent in anything. When you communicate with your prospects by giving them greater understanding and knowledge about something, then change the way they think forever. They will remember you as a person / company, which which allows customers will come back.

SUCCESS FACTOR # 1: In order for your content marketing to be a success, so it can not be about you!

How much of your marketing and communication is all about you and your products / services?

Over the second success factor. Seth Godin - marketing guru and author of 18 bestsellers - highlights in the book Linchpin that the biggest difference between successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful entrepreneurs comes to shipping. Thus, they deliver. Successful businesses deliver their products and services consistently. They do not wait for it to be 100% perfect, but they get it. They take the risk at all times.

Quality Content (success factor No. 1; it's about your customers) andcontinuity (aka shipping). That's exactly what continuity is - ie shipping. Shipping is your promise to customers. It constantly get the contents of customers' hands is much more important than the content is perfect. Content Marketing is not perfect.

I'm bomb sure we had come closer to perfection if we had waited a few more days. But that's not what the goal is. Our goal is to continuously influence customers, so that their behavior in any way altered or maintained. If we stop to deliver, that's not possible.

SUCCESS FACTOR # 2: No matter what channels you've chosen for your content marketing, then you need to continuously deliver

Takeaway: For content marketing to be successful, we must constantly deliver content that makes our prospects better in something (eg. Skill / system / process).


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