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Do not use Inbound Marketing for Outbound

Inbound Marketing can be a wonderful way to enrich customer journey, but can also be abused to annoy and disturb. To drive Outbound Marketing. To call prospects.

Inbound Marketing or inviting marketing at Norwegian. One strategy, philosophy and methodology. Technology and integration to "find, win and keep customers" I hear often from those who "sell" Inbound Marketing. Here distorted it a little for me, but before I go any further, it's okay to take for themselves what Inbound Marketing is.

I especially like the definition of Nina Furu in Webgruppen :

- Inbound Marketing is a form of content marketing where you get the customer to come to you, rather than you yourself are pressuring the customer.

Misunderstand me correctly. I have nothing against Inbound Marketing. On the contrary. I think however much of Inbound discussion is about how to "Find, win and keep customers." The reason that I did not like the approach - Inbound two do Outbound - is it calls a "disruptive" bell with me. It may be that the conversation is not as cold (cold calling) because one has spent Inbound Marketing technology to capture a potential customer, and thus monitored and followed customers ice to take a warmer phone call. Here comes the "disruptive marketing" and not least the "annoying seller" into the picture.

- Be found, inspire action, and earn customer loyalty.

Most (at least very many) companies is not good to be found online. Be it via a Google search, but also through referrals and recommendations from social networks. The reason is twofold; website is not technically sound, and the content does not match the expectations. WIIFM (What's In It For Me) is not about what you as a provider will be rewarded for your content, but the experience that visitors have of what you convey. The value must be obvious; they learn something, they are entertained or inspired. There they consume meet expectations. Responding content to WIIFM, it is much easier to ask for anything back; one Like, comment, email address, registration, purchase, etc.

Content marketing is an important component of Inbound Marketing

Content that inspires a desired action, delivering the content mission and purpose. Content Marketing or Content Marketing has this as "task". Content is found, and found value-added. The tracks laid in turn can be used to drive Outbound Marketing. I would argue that it would also be perceived as disturbing, even if the conversation is not as cold. Would you like if I called you to see if you were interested in buying a lecture by me, because you are subscribed to my newsletter, and have just been through ? I do not think so….

If I continue to produce useful content that answers your WIIFM, then please contact me at one time or another. It's my business strategy, and has been since I joined in Geelmuyden Kiese and started for myself in spring 2014. Inbound Marketing strategy is limited, however, not only to Or podcast Media Pulse.

My Inbound Marketing strategy is more comprehensive than that:

Inbound Marketing tactics Hans Petter

  • are "foundations". SEO, speed, security, mobile friendly is important technical aspects, but without content that delivers on WIIFM, so I might as well close down the whole website (or blog).
  • One thing is to use social media for marketing, another to distribution. I do both, but I also participates actively in relevant groups and conversations. To share your own articles, but also to discuss and conversation. Am I doing a good job here, then builds and strengthens the brand.
  • Do not have time (or effort) to read what I write about, you can "get me" right in your ear too. Along with Marius Karlsen (which is behind Helt.Digital blog, which) we update ourselves and those who listen, what's new within the media industry. It builds and strengthens the brand and contributes to the whole Inbound Marketing-mix.
  • My income comes primarily from lecturing. As I do not sell, but my customers are buying. Lecture (given that you like what you hear) is also good Inbound Marketing.
  • Sometimes I visible in the traditional media; in newspapers, on television and radio. Also good Inbound effect, if I do a good job of course.
  • My regular "Call to Action" or desired action, your email address. Have you liked what you read, viewed or heard, are more likely to want more, and when the threshold is low (er) that you want to give out your email address.
  • Abilities can be "top of mind" with your customers or potential customers - because you have the technology, content, marketing and distribution "in place" so customers will buy. And feel your customers that you take care of those - and think of their WIIFM (and not your own), you will earn the customer loyalty over time.

Do not fall for the temptation to use Inbound to Outbound do in the form of cold or LuKn calls. According to Harvard Business Review says 90 percent of decision-makers that they never respond to cold calls (cold calls). Should you feel the conversation is less cold, so it is not certain that the person you call feel that it is less disruptive (... rude or intrusive).

Also read: You are rude if you call me without an appointment (

Use Inbound Marketing to lead (without fuss) audience through customer journey and assist sufficient that the customer initiates the action. Harvard Business Review can document that 90 percent of the buying process starts online - with a search or question. 60 percent of the customer journey is complete when the customer contact. Instead of thinking about how you can use Inbound Marketing to make Outbound (to find, win and keep), you should rather look at how you can transform sales models to accommodate a world where websites and not sellers, are " heart "of how we buy and sell to each other.

I will never call you - cold or hot

I will certainly ask for your email address. I will certainly be to promote both Media Pulse and on Facebook and other social networks. I will certainly also to emerge with Native Advertising in various channels, maybe because I want to reach you, maybe because you've been visiting. But I will never call you to sell you a Communications Council or a lecture. I will not threaten to find, win and keep you, but hope you will find me. And you feel that I reply to your WIIFM in a way that allows you to contact me when you need advice or a lecture,


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