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Welcome: galleri.vang open

Add Sunday head to galleri.vang - the small gallery with nice atmosphere. Only 15 minutes from central Sarpsborg on the road to the popular hiking area at Børtevann. At the gallery you can see and

The artist behind galleri.vang is Grete BL Johannessen. Grete both painting and drawing - often motifs of places you will recognize yourself in that Fredrikstad's Old Town and the Koster Islands off Stromstad, or designs that have a little history behind them
- For example drawings from bilkirkegården popular.



The style approaching the figurative / classic, but with a simplified modern cut. The aim of the pictures is that they should arouse emotions, or create joy.

Grete is originally from Sogn og Fjordane, but has lived in Oslo throughout his adult life. She has graduated from high school Glemmen (art and advertising), and worked for several years in graphic design / advertising.

In addition to graduating from Glemmen secondary and work experience, Grete Lund Johannessen attended painting and drawing classes through AUF, summer courses at Vebjørn Sand, and attended courses in life drawing.

Tune library
Skaara Gallery
Art and Craft Lions, Sarpsborg
Fjeld Farm, Ise
FiskarBondens farm, North Koster (several summers)

The gallery is open on selected days, or upon request. Stay tuned on Facebook for news and sneak peek:

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