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Native Advertising: How do you build your audience faster

Jesper Laursen, CEO of Native Advertising Institute, spoke under Epic Content Marketing in 2016 about how Native Advertising can be used to speed up content marketing, and how this can help you build

He spoke first about what Native Advertising is, why it grows, and eventually he gave 7 tips on how to get it to work.


What is native advertising?

In essence, the ads that are of the same kind of content as the platform it appears on. You must tell appropriate, relevant and valuable stories. More and more are coming into this area without knowing what they're doing. Without good content are neither brand, publicist or public displeasure. It starts with a good content strategy.

What does this with Content Marketing to do?

As content marketers, we build audience and we want it to go faster. Native Advertising accelerating the content marketing.


There is so much content that we can not consume everything, and it's going to be increasingly difficult to rank first on Google, why is this a good strategy.

Another reason is social media. In recent years, Facebook turned down organic range. So, how many of your followers / likerne your looking content you publish on Facebook. Have you worked for years to build an audience of 100,000 people, then you will only reach 0.8% of this base.


Native advertising will be a part of every content marketing strategy, says Jesper Laursen. It has already been on Facebook, where you are now in many cases have to pay to participate in the game - "pay to play".

Is Native Advertising New?

In 1930 met Procter & Gamble a challenge. There was no "known" effective ways to reach housewives on. Housewives were after all source of income for Procter & Gamble. They then decided to try something new - to tell these ladies stories through the new radio. This was not just any stories, but entertaining episodic stories of families who faced controversy, drama and joy.

These radio episodes fit into both form and platform, and engaged audience who listened. These episodes were even why today we have a soap opera.

Currently, there are a lot of money that goes into this. Now used an average of 75% of the marketing budget for traditional marketing. Jesper think this will go down to 50% ila. 2020 and that these percentages will move to content marketing and native advertising.


More than 60% of Facebook's revenue comes from Native. LinkedIn estimates that 50% of revenues will come from Native year.


Why grow Native Advertising?

If it is an old thing, why explodes it now?

Advertisers want it to make more money, publishers will have to build audience faster, and customers want it because it is engaging and more useful.

  • 420 million people have now installed AdBlock, according Page Fair its new survey.
  • Click Rate on banners is so poor that there is a greater chance of overthrowing the fly (and survive)
  • Click Rate on native is four times higher or more.

7 tips for effective Native Advertising

# 1: You need a strategy

  • We have heard that in the US, only 30% of those who are doing content marketing that have a proven strategy. In Denmark, only 25%.
  • The figures are even worse when it comes to Native Advertising.

# 2: Find the right audience

You must have a clearly defined target group so that you build right audience. If you want to target niche markets, it is expensive to run ads in the major media. Find out what websites your audience is built on.

# 3: Quality Content

Native Advertising must contain the same great content as content marketing.

# 4: Use the knowledge of media

VG Partner Studio, and other similar services, knows most likely your audience and therefore know how it made good content for just these. Learn from those and use this knowledge to create better ads.

5: There must be transparent and transparent

One of the first lot of say about native, is that it tries to trick people. This is not helpful to anyone. Publishers (brands) loses credibility by not telling the truth. If you do not tell the reader who you are, they will not spend money on your products or services.

# 6: Do it divisible and multichannel

There are many who are trying to run your ad on one platform. This maximizes not results. To maximize results, you need to build an ecosystem around the ads. Share ads on all platforms.

# 7 Be a daytrader

As many know, there is an auction for the attention of audiences. The more that will get attention at a given time, the more it costs. You must keep track of which channels provides the best value. Put some money in many channels to find out who offers the best ROI. 20% of your content will drive 80% of traffic. Find out what works best, and put all your money behind this.


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