Specific Request

Interview with Srdjan Sapers


The US advertising network IPG is withdrawing from the Nordic market and sell the McCann agencies in the Nordic countries to the Serbian investor, music artist, and advertising man Srdjan Sapers .

With his agency Idol & Friends has Serbian Srdjan Saper become number one in eight markets in Europe with their McCann agencies. Now he want to do the same job with McCann in Scandinavia.

We are looking for a journalist in Serbia that can do an interview with Sapers for our magazine Kampanje which is the premier Magazine for the media and advertising industry in Norway.

Questions to be covered are:

What 's the thought behind going in the Nordic Agency Market?

What is the experience of owning agencies in southern Europe?

How will he make money on something that they have lost money for years?

What have they done in the Balkans that has been good?

What does he know about the Nordics and Norway?

What does he know about Norway / Scandinavia that country?

Does he take a big risk?

The length of the article between 1500 and 300 words with some images of Srdjan Sapers. Existing images can be used.

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