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Right now my floating TV studio is being built in France, and it will be ready its first production early 2017. Our first journey will be along the beautiful coast of Norway, 77 days at sea, 50 town visits and land based expeditions, searching for treasures.

Our TV-production from our new sail boat, equipped with the most modern film and broadcasting equipment, we will make the worlds longest live broadcast, measured in kilometers as well as hours.

Our TV-show will not be a linear TV-broadcast, but the feed and hundreds of small outtakes, will be available for all our sponsors, for publishing on their social media channels. 

The show itself, is an adventure with three girls in their 20ies, searching for the Norwegian gold, treasures that defines Norway - Food, nature, people, and of course physical challenges! One of them is even going to search for a partner for life, she will meet a new date in every harbor.


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