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Facebook adjusts its newsfeed based on qualitative feedback

Until now, Facebook's news feed functioned in the way that you have been shown the content that matters most to you. What you and others are doing and what types of content you engage in determine

Today tells Facebook that they're working on making News Feed'en even more relevant to you. There is an ongoing investigation where users rank their experience and tell how Facebook can improve the content they see. This they call their Feed Quality Panel. It will thus be carried investigations on qualitative level to make sure to continually improve the relevance. Meanwhile done the research to see whether the ranking of posts is good or bad. People in these groups are given the opportunity to give each post a score of 1-5 stars based on the question "To what extent would you like to see this in your News Feed." In this way, Facebook better anticipate what content people want to see - regardless of whether they click, like or comment on posts.

Now updated Facebook's News Feed to show you content based on two things probability that you actually want to see the post at the top of News Feed'en your and the likelihood that you are going to "like", comment on, clicking or share head, based on past activity.

What does this mean for your business?

This really depends on how your audience is assembled. Facebook says it will not necessarily turn out click on your web page or range - but someone is going to see an increase, while others will see a decrease. If people you do when actually say they do not want to see your post, you'll see that you get a lower number of clicks - based on the relationship between the frequency of how often post is clicked on and how many people who say they want to see similar posts on top of their News Feed.

You should avoid the call to action

Historically, we have seen encouraging actions (like calling for a lot of clicks) has worked. But Facebook advise you to steer clear. This will create a temporary increase in numbers which in turn will be balanced based on News feed's ranking over time.

What are you going to do?

Spend some time getting to know what your audience likes. What do they care about and what content is what they click on and engages with. In other words, business as usual - just the experience for users will be improved based on that we as marketers are useful and takes into account who we reach, with content we put in front of them.


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