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Eating tapas is to revel in all that is good, but we Norwegians commit many mats guardianship of tapas front.

Tapas began as a teaser before lunch or dinner, but the last fifteen years, things have changed. It has become common to eat tapas as a main meal, also for the Spaniards. They call it going on "tapeo" which is a barrunde when one goes from bar to bar and eat. Then hang one at the bar, pointing to good food and enjoying themselves!


Five common tapas Blunders

1. We order all at once

Do you go to the tapas restaurant in Norway, you get quite large plates of meatballs, patatas bravas, padronpimientos, bellotaskinke, and so on. If you order everything at once, the meal is over in a flash, hot food gets cold and you risk to order too much food. In Spain are ordered little by little, depending on satiety barometer develops.

2. We do not know difference of tapas and raciones

A tapa is a small mouthful of food, served in tiny plate, usually at the bar. A racion is like an overgrown tapa and is something you order when served at the table. It is also possible to order the media racion, which is half of the amount. Food comes without garnish, and is meant to be shared.


3. We pay each of us

In Norway, it is expensive to go out and eat and drink. Therefore, we are trained to split the bill and only pay our share. It is not common practice in Spain. Here everyone pays for a round at the bar if you go on "tapeo". Sitting one around a table together and eating raciones, it is common to split the bill on the number of people who have eaten. I have never experienced a Spaniard who sits with a magnifying glass to calculate exactly how much he has eaten and drunk too.

4. We order pints of beer

Pints ​​of beer fit poorly in the heat. In Spain it is common to drink small cañas or slightly larger tubos with cerveza. Try it, you will not have to drink warm beer.

5. We book only to ourselves


We are accustomed to ordering a right to ourselves and it sits deep for many Norwegians to move away from this habit. But in Spain puts one plates in the middle of the table and eat there. All parts. One will have its own right without having to share with others, one must book a "plato combinado", which comes complete with garnish, potatoes and fish or meat. But you world so boring when you either can sample a little of everything, and maybe find a new favorite!

Good appetite! Or "buen provecho" as they say in Spain.


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