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How do you take holiday is faves

Memories from your vacation is almost as digge that holiday itself. But how do you get the most out of your camera?

King of documentary photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson, believed that good pictures made with the eye, heart and head. It helps namely precious little with latest camera model, or all worlds clever apps if the photographer is not included.

But some subjects are more challenging than others, and especially on holiday where bright sun, late nights and action packed moments be imaged.

How to take good portraits?


Portraits never goes out of fashion. They have a unique ability to freeze the current date, and can convey things about the person being portrayed without a single word being said.

Tech tips

1.   You stand too close to the photographing, so he or she will get an unflattering 'wide face' where the nose appear larger than it is. The optimal distance is standing too far from the subject that you can zoom in between 50-70 mm.

2. Ensure that there is peace in the background, and take the time to check what is happening behind the person shooting. Too many portrait destruction of trees sticking out of the scalp, or lamps and lampshades which will look like hats.

3. Take lots of pictures, so you get more expressions to choose from.

4. Give the shooting a real compliment, that 'your hair shines so beautifully in the light' or that 'it your smile lights up the whole room.'

5. It is allowed to instruct 'model' to straighten up in the back, look to the sunset or maybe just close your eyes and relax a bit. Most appreciate your remark what you want them to do.

6. Ensure that the photographing is in a steady light. That is, not half in sun and half in shadow. Shadow provides a smoother and prettier light than bright sunlight.

7. Have portrait button on the camera menu, so use it. Then make the camera focus on the foreground, while the background is blurred.

8. Feel free to use the flash even if it's noon. Blitz The light serves to minimize shadows on the face, and to compensate for backlighting.

How to take good pictures of people in motion?


It takes a little finesse to capture the moment when the subject is in motion, or at least that it is preparing a little of what will happen.

Tech tips

1. First, consider whether you want movement in the picture, or if you want to stop the action. Is there a mood you want to capture, such as on a dance floor, so it can look beautiful through some movement. Is it someone's facial expression you want to document, so you must however freeze the moment.

2. How to create movement in the picture? This requires you to enter the camera settings and overrides so that the automatic flash not pop up. To preserve motion in the image, adjust it called shutter time (often abbreviated to S Shutter camera's menu). Experiment with various shutter speeds until you get the effect you want. Remember to keep the camera still while shooting, and preferably use a tripod.

3. It is much easier to freeze moment. When you take flash to help, and you can also tune into sports mode in the camera's menu.

4. Learn to pan. This means that you move the camera in the same direction as the subject moves while shooting. Is there such a picture of someone running on a beach, so you can follow the person with the camera in a smooth, horizontal movement. Then the background will show movement, while the subject will be approximately sharp.

5. A movement often occurs without planned exactly how it should look at a picture. If you know that someone is about to jump from ten area, so it may pay to thinking a bit about what you want to include in the image beforehand. Want both diving tower and pool? And what about people who are looking at? Then it will be easier to secure a composition that works.

6. Do not zoom in completely. When you create extra movement in the camera, and there is a greater chance of image blurring. Let it rather be a good margin around the subject, so you either can crop the photo afterwards rather than cutting off someone's foot or arm.

7. Think about where and how your subject moves. Against you? From you? Will it end up on the ground? Feel free to experiment with different angles, lie flat at the finish line to capture marathon runners as storms past. Or enter the water yourself and shoot from there when young flock will run out in waves. Think outside the box.

8. If you have the opportunity for it, then set the camera on 'continuous shooting', which means that it takes a series of images in rapid speed as long as you keep your finger on the trigger.

How to take good pictures inside?


The very best is to take pictures in natural light, but sometimes this is not possible. Then they must present with flash, which can present challenges.

Tech tips

1. Long-lasting natural light as long as possible. You can do this by placing the ones you want to shoot at a window that lets in daylight.

2. Remember that flash throws the strongest light on the closest to the camera, and at least the ones that are further away. So try to collect the shooting so that they are as parallel as possible.

3. Blitz stock sharp shadows, which often does not look pretty. Make sure to place the ones you want to shoot at least a few meters from the nearest wall so as to avoid the characteristic silhouette shadow.

4. Do not zoom into the evening. This saves less light into the camera, and images are grainy and dark. Go rather closer.

5. Have SLR and want to become a better photographer, then you should invest in a separate flash that gives you full creative control over the light source. These can be turned upward toward the ceiling so that light is reflected down and does not create the typical, unwanted flash shadows. Price from ca. 500.


Five wonderful photo apps for iphone

Photo + This is not an app that lets you enhance your photos. It is a monthly magazine that showcases beautiful images and provides photography tips. Any good photographer must be inspired, and an important part of the process is to look at images that make you lose your breath a little.

iPhoto - Apple's own photo editing app that does everything expected and then some. Fantastic all-rounder.

Camera + provides mobile camera the ability to override the exposure and focus, it has a Burst mode that lets you capture many images in rapid succession, and it lets you use your phone's built-in flashlight as a light source. In addition, this app many options for editing photos.

Camera Noir - This is the app for you who love black / white photos.

TouchRetouch - allows you to 'clean up' in your pictures. You can for example remove a disruptive dustbin or rocks on the beach.

Five wonderful photo apps for android

Snapseed - easy to use, all-round photography apps. You can include adding various filters, recalling details in shadow areas and create a so-called HDR effect, which means that color and contrast really emerges.

Photo Grid - Are you fond of making collages of your photos, then this app is for you! Here you combine your photos with text and backgrounds.

VSCO Cam - Allows you to conjure with your photos, so they get a very special sound. You can create your own preferences so that all the pictures you take has a distinctive style. Something to think about for those who are planning on blogging?

Paper camera - Allows you to create cartoon images of your photos.

Retrica - We never get tired of vintage style, or what? And until we do that, you can create stunning images with a romantic touch with Retricas many possibilities.


Save and share photos?

It helps little to take nice pictures, if you lose your mobile. Remember to save your images so they really have the opportunity to become a lifetime of memories. Dropbox, iCloud and Google + are some of the best places to upload your photos.


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