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Fuerteventura - Europe's Hawaiian

Fuerteventura is not nightlife. It's not shopping. There are no trees, and no fresh water. But - the beaches overlap all other Canary Islands beaches!

-Fuerteventura is another type of Canary Islands. I love that the island does not try to mimic the others, and I always have eye contact with the horizon, "said Italian Monica Fangareggi. We are ten minutes drive from the main tourist town called Corralejo. Between us and the fishing village is Dunas de Corralejo, which is the largest sand dune in the Canary Islands. A mini desert consisting of fine-grained shells sanding dramatically into turquoise waves. Simply balm for the soul.


Monica Fangareggi and her friends enjoy the wonderful beach life at Fuerteventura's dunes.

Not unexpectedly, there are many 'majoreros', called locals, who take their wedding pictures here. Besides, it's deserted, not like the dunes of Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria, where you risk going straight on an amorous couple who have found a sandpit for the occasion. The desert landscape of Fuerteventura is protected, so nothing can be constructed. No roads, no houses.

Europe's Hawai

The soft coral sand pursues me. "You have to stomp flamenco to get rid of it, my guide tips Clara Bonet. I stumble and brush. But Fuerteventura (which means strong winds) has made sure that the fine-grained sand has penetrated between skin and clothing, between the hair and the scalp. But what does it do when you're never longer than a few minutes from a refreshing dip?


Fuerteventura has the most beautiful beaches of the Canary Islands.

Fuerteventura has the most beautiful beaches throughout the Canary Siblings. In Corralejo there is a beautiful city beach, and so the beach pearls are rowed along the Sotavento coast. They come in all varieties; Deserted and touristy, it's up to you to choose.


Bystranda in Vesle Corralejo is soft and inviting.

At the tip of the island lies the Jandia Peninsula and takes the breath away from most. "This reminds me more of the Caribbean than a Canary Island," said German Nina Breidenbach, unaware that the surfers have long called Fuerteventura for Europe's Hawaiian. Nina is here with the girlfriend Johannes Nordholm, and together they admire the beautiful, turquoise shades of water that is a rarity in the Atlantic.

In the picture below, the sand artists have bolted on the Corralejo River.


The Jandia Peninsula has long been a well-kept secret in the surfing environment, but now the tour operators have realized that we Norwegians also enjoy light, fine sand between the toes. This is so far away from the canyon beaches of Gran Canaria you can imagine, and you will also not have to hit the neighbor. At the same time it is as safe and pleasant as the Spanish island life we ​​know from before.


With wind in the hair (Fuerteventura means "strong wind") and crystal clear sea between the toes, you will find your own tranquility in Fuerteventura.

Exotic outpost

Fuerteventura is not about the big headlines. It is an outpost where life is slowing down.

And not least, in line with the island's goats, which create the island's only export product; The premier Majorero cheese. "There are twice as many goats as people here," says Luis Mesa Mendez. He runs Verde Aurora, an organic farm where the aloe plants plant happy against the sky. There is a lot of gold on the island, and anyone who sprouts has every reason to be satisfied with himself. He lights up when he shows up the little geita he and the girlfriend found a trip in the mountain, as they have flushed up and now keep pets on the farm. "data-img-size-little =" "alt =" Article-image - ">

The small fishing village of Corralejos is the island's tourist center, if you can call something so little for a center.


There is not much that grows on the island, but at the eco-farm Verde Aurora, the aloe plants grow up!

From Verde Aurora it is a short way to the Betancuria village from the 1400s. Here you can see how los majoreros has survived for centuries, in small, whitewashed houses where natural stone adorns the façades.

Or you can stop on the northwest coast of the fishing village of El Cotillo. Here the sunbathing bars are tightly sealed, and with saltwater hair and something cold in the glass, it's not much more to understand that Fuerteventura is the best island of all of them.


In beautiful Betancuria you can see how "los majoreros" have survived on the rugged island over the centuries.



The simplest and most affordable way of travel is charter.


With the boyfriend

Katis Boutique Villas - Design villas located in the immediate vicinity of the dunes. Choose between Greek, Balinese and classic villa and enjoy the private pool, private jacuzzi, wifi and personal service. There are only twenty villas, so here it's about being out early. Perfect for those who just want to relax in luxurious surroundings. Price from 200 euros per night for a villa.

With the family

Iberostar Playa Gaviotas - Four star, child friendly hotel in an unbeatable location on La Jandia beach in the south. The rooms are clean but quite simple. Spa, bicycle rental, bowling, tennis and other activities make this a great base for active families. Price from 140 euros per night for a double room.

With my friends

Barceló Corralejo Bay - Four-star four-star hotel in Corralejo, located fifty meters from the beach and with free shuttle to the gorgeous sand dunes of Dunas de Corralejo. The hotel has an award-winning spa, and some rooms offer views of Isla de Lobos and Lanzarote.

Price from 138 euros per night for a double room.


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Fuerteventura comes as a lovely surprise. Unlike its Canarian siblings, this island has beaches to die for!