The World of Digital Politics

Like a lamb to the slaughter, I ran my first political campaign last summer, 2015, as a British Conservative Party Candidate in an entrenched Labour stronghold. Though slaughtered, I was able to hold my own and learnt how to have a little fun and how to lose with dignity.

Of course, I knew it was mathematically and statistically impossible to win in an area where Conservatives are outnumbered three to one by Labour voters, but I decided to give it my all as if I could actually win.

I am of course convinced that if I had had more time, I actually could have won - such is my faith.

But more importantly, apart from my self-aggrandizing notions, I believe what really got me some momentum was my ability to combine traditional campaigning methods with a clear digital political campaign strategy.

A Digital Political Campaign Strategy should be professionally managed and seen as a natural complement to traditional political campaigning methods of physically getting out on the beat to meet voters, attending events, and knocking on doors - as nothing beats the trusty flier.

Most importantly, unlike traditional campaigning methods, Digital Political Campaigning serves as a perpetual platform before, during and after elections, for politicians to continue building up 'name recognition' and for them to continue engaging with both old and new potential supporters.

Far too many politicians are running their campaigns with no clear digital strategy. They simply post to twitter, create free Facebook pages, and so forth, without a solid digital communications and engagement strategy to back them up.

I fear that many of their efforts will work against them in their future political careers, as once something is 'ill-posted' on the internet, it is virtually impossible to retrieve.

As I look forward to standing in new elections in a 'safe Tory seat', I hope my fellow conservative politicians and political hopefuls will as well start mastering the art of Digital Politics.


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Wilford Augustus, Partner at Trade Bridge Group London, and Deputy Chairman Political for Bayswater Ward, Westminster Conservatives. All political views expressed herein are his and not those of the UK Conservative Party. This article was first published on