If you are a principal of a consulting firm, join TBG Global & Partners and our int'l partner network of legally independent firms to extend your global reach.

How to take your business global and win bigger, better global clients

Small businesses and independent consultants around the world all have something in common; they struggle to win business with the bigger, better global clients that pay them what they are worth. At TBG Global & Partners, we have set out to help solve this problem.

As a rule of thumb, and of course there are many exceptions, but for the most part, independent contractors tend to hire independent contractors, small companies tend to hire small companies, medium-sized companies tend to hire medium-sized companies and big companies tend to hire big companies – which simply means for that the most part - the small guy will generally get a small slice of the proverbial pie.

The Growth Challenge

When it comes to survivability and growth as a small business, the odds are stacked high. Step one, the entrepreneur has to learn far too many things, which in the case of a big business would simply be equivalent to hiring another employee.

These elements that the entrepreneur may need to learn include: financial management; marketing; sales and business development; networking; customer service; employee management - and actually delivering the services in a systematic fashion based on global best practice, to mention a few. 

Furthermore, this is all in the face to the myriad 'piranha-like' solutions providers - many times big businesses that purport to help small businesses - that will tell the fledging entrepreneur if they just bought their mailing lists or databases, if they attended their workshops or bought something they are selling; the entrepreneur will land more clients, triple their sales and the list goes on. The worse of the lot are those who promise to the entrepreneur that they will find them that ever elusive investor...but first they must pay for that special document - that will raise the cash - that they only can write.

Marry all these together with a lack of competence in digital marketing skills especially for entrepreneurs that are over 40 and a lack of finance for those without a house to mortgage - together they are more than enough to finish off most start-ups in their first couple of years.

The TBG Startup and Global Expansion Solution

So at TBG, we have set out to make this a bit easier. We have decided to open up our already established company to qualifying independent consultants and small businesses who would like to be part of a growing London-based global partner network - FOR FREE.

Join Us for Free

We have decided that we’ll provide qualifying candidates with our professional brand, our websites, our marketing materials, our own business plan for them to adapt to their needs, and access to our growing global partner network, all for free.

Global Reach

As per global reach, TBG was designed with flexibility to adapt to any idea with global the global marketplace in mind. We have made the entire start up and global expansion process easy. Just adapt the TBG brand to your needs. We already have multiple TBG companies you can choose from in your territory, including: 

Group Site:

We are not a franchise and there are not franchise fees to pay. 

TBG GLOBAL & PARTNERS are a fledging network of legally independent firms and independent consultants and contractors who have chosen to strategically work together under the TBG brand to enhance their local credentials in their territories and expand their global reach.

All TBG Partners are bound together by a shared commitment to quality, integrity and the creation of clarity in a complex globalised environment of international trade and global communications. They work with clients involved in international ventures and start-ups with global ambitions, who primarily utilise English as their global language of business.

TBG Global Partner Network, with Free Joining Options

TBG Global are systematically working on developing itself as a global partner network of experts that cover the full range of ‘International Business Advisory’ and ‘Global Strategic Communications Consultancy’, among others.

TBG Partners benefit from being part of a prestigious growing London Based Global Business Network, which provides support, training, international networking events and international group marketing and branding, as well as a vetted network of international partners to rely on, whilst remaining 100% owners of their own businesses.

As a TBG Partner, we are confident we will save you more than five years of early stage business development. We simply hand you a well-structured company for you to adapt to your needs. 

Most importantly, as a TBG Partner, you are automatically globally connected via our growing global partner network, with fellow consultants and smaller businesses that you can work with on joint ventures under the TBG banner, sharing portfolios and costs to win bigger and better global clients. 

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