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Post Brexit Britain Open For Global Business

PRESS RELEASE: London, England - 11 July 2016, TBG Global London Ltd announce the launch of their new business unit, TBG Global -dedicated to facilitating global business expansion in the post Brexit world, through a full range of integrated communications and internationalisation solutions.

Business success in international markets is central to the UK and the global economy; which means a post Brexit Britain will provide countless new opportunities - and a more levelled playing field - for companies from around the world to trade directly with the UK, and for UK companies to recreate an outward facing Global Great Britain.

Wilford Augustus, Principal Consultant at TBG says, “With the benefit of hindsight, Brexit should have come as no surprise to anyone; as historically the UK has always been a global player and an outward facing nation. British self-determination and global ambitions are embedded in her very history - and examples of her ability to successfully go against convention can be seen as far back as Henry VIII’s decision to separate from Rome; the eventual creation of a global non-European empire; and  the winning of the Falklands war from almost 13,000 km away from her shores, to name a few".

In this modern world, geography and close proximity are no longer essential to global business growth as they once were – and if Britain could have successfully built a global empire in a pre-technological age with no internet, no transatlantic flights, or WTO regulations, one must take heart in knowing it can be done again.

But optimism alone will not ensure global business success for modern Britons and the global economy. There is a need for greater strategic planning, greater global democratic alliances and greater global understandings - for which TBG Global provide a series of market entry solutions to help guarantee British and international businesses do not get bogged down in the uncertainties of Brexit, or in the unknowns of doing business abroad. Post-Brexit Britain is open for international business once again.

Integrated Communications and Internationalisation Solutions 

London-based, with international experience and global reach, as a boutique communications and internationalisation consultancy, TBG Global focus on facilitating global expansion, through a full range of integrated PR and marketing communications and internationalisation solutions.

Services include: consulting solutions for - international market-entry, product launch or event launch, international market research, international stakeholder engagement, international PR or complex international public affairs issues; internationalisation training solutions – to help global teams understand cultural differences and languages to enhance international customer and stakeholder experience; and international marketing solutions, including - strategy, branding, website design, localisation and hosting, and targeted international digital marketing campaigns in multiple languages.

Additionally, through their global partners, TBG can assist clients with international and UK company formation, opening of bank accounts, real and virtual offices, sourcing of staff or services, and adherence to cross-border legal and financial compliance requirements.

Wilford says: “I believe cross-border communication, cross-cultural understanding and global strategic communications are intrinsic to the success of our economies in an ever interconnected world. This is why at TBG we focus on people and communication first and foremost.

Global Facing Britain

Our objective is to help global brands become part of local cultures across the world and to help them seize Brexit as an opportunity to do business directly with the world’s fifth largest economy - and help Britain and British businesses reengage directly with the commonwealth, the US, and importantly, the world, including our European partners”.

For more information: Please visit or call Wilford Augustus, Principal Consultant directly on +44 (0) 75 0885 5393 or contact him via email at

About TBG Global London Ltd: Established in 2015 in London, TBG was formed to provide international integrated communications and internationalisation solutions under the roof, to help companies expand globally, with primary focus on helping them expand into and from the United Kingdom. Other regions of focus include the United States, the Commonwealth, Scandinavia and Latin America. As a boutique communications and internationalisation consultancy, TBG provide global strategic communications, internationalisation training, and multilingual integrated marketing communication solutions to global clients or clients with global ambitions.

The first consultation is free if held in London or online, so contact them today to discuss how they can help you successfully communicate, market and expand in the UK, Europe and internationally. (


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